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The BEST therapy in Indy!
No therapist has been so kind, thorough, so caring. Dr Anthony Hillebrand, always go out of his way to see me and make sure my needs are met. I will highly recommended Alivio Physical Therapy!
If you try the rest….. NOW you try the BEST Dr. Hillebrand!!

– Maria

Amazing team, incredible therapists!
They have the best methods and always make you feel welcome!

– Leangry 

A great environment! You will come in with pain and leave with a smile on your face!😊

– Jocelyn

Serving the Indianapolis, INdiana community

Welcome to Alivio Physical Therapy where we are focused on helping people maximize their ability to enjoy life to its fullest.  We do this by using the most up-to-date techniques that are backed by the latest research. We do not shy away from the difficult cares because everyone deserves a chance to success.

Our clinic offers over 26 different specialty treatment options on top of standard high-quality physical therapy care. The staff is determined to never turn a person away due to the complexity of their situation while minimizing wait times.

Why choose Alivio Physical Therapy?

I believe that every patient deserves the best outcome possible.  Because of this, I continue to study to increase my knowledge to provide the best treatments and education to allow patients to reach their best outcome every time.

As a childhood cancer survivor, asthmatic and injury prone athlete, I completely understand what it is like to be that patient in pain or struggling and the importance of quality care.  This is what drives me to treat patients the way I do.”

Whether you have hip pain, shoulder pain, back pain or any type of pain, I will work hard to get you better faster than anyone else.

If you have been seeing another physical therapist or chiropactor and it has been weeks or months of treatment with little to no results then I would encourage you to contact us.  Let us work together and let you reach your goals.


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Though it often takes a back seat to strength and cardiovascular fitness, flexibility plays a critical role in ensuring one’s able to maintain a high level of independence and mobility during their Golden Years. While our muscles and tendons tend to naturally shrink...

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What is Bell's Palsy? Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which the muscles on one side of your face become weak or stop working. When this happens, the affected side can droop. It’s caused trauma to the facial nerve, which is the 7th cranial nerve. This can happen to...

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